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Halotherapy Wellness Centres

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Halo(salt)therapy is a proven therapeutic method helping people with various conditions achieve well-being. From Respiratory, Digestive, Skin, to Muscular – our Halotherapy Experts will introduce and guide you through the many applications of salt for your own self care practices.

The foundations to our Holistic approach, allowing you to venture into healing, cleansing, and rejuvenation of a physical and mental state.

“Getting Back To Nature”

It means getting back to your true self, a way of being where your body feels most natural, grounded and at peace.

“Taking The Waters”

Rediscovering the traditional use of salt in natural remedies to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:



& Ingestion

The focus of a membership at the Healing Salt Cave is about helping you achieve your health and wellness goals

Be Salty Membership

  • 8 Treatments Per Month:
    4 Salt Caves
    4 Infrared Saunas
    or Hand & Foot Detoxes

Salt Life Membership

  • 12 Treatments Per Month:
    6 Salt Caves
    6 Infrared Saunas
    or Hand & Foot Detoxes

State of Salt Membership

  • 16 Treatments Per Month:
    6 Salt Cave
    6 Infrared Sauna
    4 Hand & Foot Detoxe
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“What an incredible experience! Healing Salt Cave has you feeling like never before, truly creating a space to tune in with yourself”


“Magical! Beautiful and relaxing, also helps with my respiratory issues. Just a joy coming here. Thanks for the treat!”


“Beyond words! Amazing experience & great service. Words cannot describe what an amazing day I had with the services and the people I spent it with”